Thursday, November 4, 2010


We've had a really mild October. As November gears up, other than a smattering of rain, it's been oddly warm. But the fall colors are spectacular and now that the winds are doing their job of sweeping all those crunchy leaves off the trees, it really feels like Autumn.

We're also having some incredible dawn skies, and catching the skeletal silhouettes of the trees and the last leaves makes it even better.

The backyard is my own little slice of fall heaven under the newly turned golden maple:

Stepping up under the canopy of branches is like leaving everything behind, just the sound of the breeze and the beauty of the dying leaves.

Sammi took a few of me under my beloved tree in the afternoon sun. Made for some interesting shadows.

And then, of course, since I was out in the leaves already, we had to play in them :)


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