Friday, November 12, 2010

one week

It's been kind of whirlwind week around here. I just pulled all the photos taken off the cameras this morning and thought, wow, Monday seems like an eternity ago.

So here's the rundown:

Monday, Nick's Academic Lettering presentation -- this is his second, as they award them for three consecutive semesters of maintaining a 3.75 GPA or better. Only 5% of the students at TR qualify, so we're very proud of him, even if he did have to go accept it with the blond mohawk.

Before the above ceremony, I was realizing my computer was on the brink of death. The screen was flickering and leaving LSD fantastical colors all over the place. I hurridly backed up the files I hadn't already done previously. By Tuesday morning, it was gone.

Oh, and somewhere during the week it occurred to me that I hadn't taken a picture of the new shower curtain (what? you don't take pictures of your bathroom accessories?), after retiring the 10 year old one we'd finally had enough of. No one is ever going to accuse me of being an interior decorator, but this always makes me smile.

On Tuesday, expecting that the sound of the doorbell meant the new cell phones had finally arrived, I was surpised to discover a delivery man from Edible Bouquets at the door, holding a big arrangement of fruit for Sammi from her friend,Caylee, whose parents own the company. Can you tell she's just sunk into one of the chocolate covered strawberries before I snapped this picture?

Tuesday was also the day I had the MRI on my knee, which showed mostly good news, with a diagnosis of ILBT syndrome (more on that later.) After the MRI I had to get over to the office to pick up the new computer I'd had to buy that morning with all the work programs put on it.

I'm still discovering things I need to import and download, but I'm really pleased with it. My previous Dell Inspiron lasted almost 6 years, thanks to me buying the best specs at the time. So I'm hoping their quality remains. This is the new Inspiron, with lots of very cool specs.

Wednesday night was the team pasta dinner in anticipation of the second playoff game. So I threw meatballs into the sauce, sauteed up the garlic and onions, and headed off for set-up, serving, and clean up before getting home to discover the phone had finally arrived.

So in addition to the super cool computer on Tuesday, we are now the proud new owners of Droid phones. Mine is the X, everyone else got the Droid 2 that still has the qwerty keyboard to slide out. And we all got covers so it is always easy to tell them apart.

Nick and Bob have two different batman symbols and Sammi went artistic with a black and purple floral design. We still don't know a fraction of what these little babies will do, but we're having fun figuring it out.

Thursday I had the first round of physical therapy on the knee, with more to follow. Will make a post on that next week.

Thursday morning I also snapped a picture of Nick in his jersey headed to school for what would be the final time. High School Football ended for the Mask family on Veterans Day.

But Nick went out in style, carrying the American flag out ahead of the team in honor of all veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

On his eye black, he had USAF MSGT for his grandfather. This is my kid. I am unspeakably proud of him. Throughout all the difficulties, that smile has not faded. Great things await you, my boy.

Which brings us all the way to this morning, with one last snap of the camera, when Bob plopped his crazy hat on before heading out in the 22° morning air. Because, you know, as bittersweetas the week has been and as many tears as you shed, you need just as many laughs, plus one. :)

Happy Friday everyone!


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