Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The week in photos

Katy's new coat arrived just ahead of the winter weather!

I am never without cats on my lap, as close to two at a time as they can be without touching.

The Paint Nite painting:

Our results:

Sunset Sunday:

Sunrise Monday:

Monday afternoon, doesn't Katy look thrilled?

From this morning's walk, which would have been a study in silence if not for this persistent tinnitus that leaves me hearing the rise and fall of cicadas when it's quiet. That sound and 14° light snow just do not make sense together.

After the leaves have fallen, we return
To a plain sense of things.  It is as if
We had come to an end of the imagination,
Inanimate in an inert savoir.
-    Wallace Stevens,  The Plain Sense of Things


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