Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Wednesday

So this morning was 10° colder than yesterday.

Not a problem, I think. I'll just layer and we'll be fine.

So, for the top, layer 1) the Under Armour wicking shirt, 2) the cotton waffle long john shirt, 3) the cashmere sweater, and 4) the hoodie

Pants, triple layered with 1) wicking 2) long johns and 3) sweats

Evan, in his single layer, cannot wait to get going.

I am the Stay-Puft marshmallow man, with double layered stocking cap and hood, double socks, and double gloves, along with a scarf to cover everything but my eyes. Good, right?

This rose was hanging over the fence along the sidewalk, looking so cold.

And the extra snowfall overnight means our walk is extra squinchy. Sound bite and leash cam:

Only thing that's crossed the snow ahead of us are bunny rabbits.

And here are our tracks. It's about this time that I'm starting to get a little concerned. My fingers are beginning to burn and I can't bend them.

As in, I can barely hold the phone straight.

Right about here, I had to stop and turn around. The pain in my hands was excruciating. We'd only been out about fifteen minutes. But I was quickly realizing double gloves when neither are really heavy winter duty was not smart.

But, but . . . the dog park is THAT way!

Look at that face. Sigh. He even has icicles hanging from his chin and wants to keep going.

But we retrace our steps, my hands getting more and more painful as I breathe on them and try to keep moving them. 

I'd grabbed the cotton pair and the fleece ones because we've managed to end up with unmatched heavy winter gloves, and they're gigantic, but next time, when it's 4° out, I'm going mismatched and gigantic over feeling like my fingers are going to burn off. Running them under warm water felt like putting them in a red hot flame.

Our temps were still in low risk range, but man, that was awful.

Evan is trying to not to stay mad.

But Katy was happy to have us back home earlier than normal so she wasn't left alone with the cats. She was shaking a good bit, so in addition to pain meds, I moved her blanket and pillow into the loft and tucked a heating pad underneath for her. 

That seems to do the trick.

And Evan's still moping.

But the cats are thrilled to have additional warmth to snuggle. Bru seems to think that Faith being in my lap should not impede him from taking the top half. It does make typing a bit of a challenge though.

And, it's all of 2° warmer now. But check out that overnight low. That's COLD, even for me.

 And yes, we'll be taking another walk in the morning, with the giant mismatched gloves. 


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