Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3/23/16 Snow Day Part II

So Denver pretty much got cut off from the outside world today. DIA is closed until tomorrow, as is the only road into the airport, so there are thousands stranded who braved the elements to GET there only to have flights cancelled and be unable to leave. Yikes.

Interstate 25 was closed in many spots, including south to Colorado Springs, as well as Interstate 70. If you're in an accident on the roads and didn't have the AWD/chains/requirements you would be ticketed. State troopers basically said unless you're dying, don't go ANYWHERE. 

So . . .it was a great day to be home!

love my new chicken rain boots!

And, this unusual wet snow meant we could actually build a snowman!

the above, in tribute to Nicholas' first "snow" experience:


why are the neighbors looking at us like that?


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