Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dumas Days

on the road through Trinidad

Bru had to come along in his collar. Treadmill and sauna, check

His perch to avoid Scrappy when he comes to visit

first night, post-surgery

meanwhile back at home...



Day 2

(no, they weren't both mine)

hospital boredom is real

Bru waiting on PaPa to get back

Scrappy and Evan waiting on treats (and Bru waiting on Scrappy to leave)

The news on Bob Sr.'s surgery was not what he'd hoped. Stage IV Adenocarcinoma. Looks like we'll get him home Saturday and once he's regained some strength, they'll start whatever therapies deemed appropriate. He's still in a considerable amount of pain and nausea, hasn't been able to eat anything, and isn't sleeping, so getting him home where he can really rest and recuperate.


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