Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6/6 and 6/7 Our Hailstorm and aftermath

Bruiser kept holding on to Sam's arm while we rode out the hailstorm yesterday afternoon. Faith took up position in her lap and Evan is right below, between both of our feet.

This was the hardest and longest hailstorm I've been through -- almost a good half hour of really heavy hitting stuff. 

All the screens on the south side of the house have huge gaping holes, which doesn't do much when you have your windows open most of every day. Luckily, the bug population is near zero here. 

Both of the kids' vehicles have hail damage and we'll have to get someone out to inspect the tile roof, because it likely needs repairs as well. But the grille cover is a lost cause:


And this morning?

Bright and beautiful.

the downed leaves are everywhere, making it absurdly green

that's more leaves than grass!

And while pouring coffee, I spied the most cutest fluffiest babyiest bunny EVAH!! 

Right after I pulled out the zoom lens to get this shot from the kitchen window, I went to return the potted plants to the back deck. 

Fisher has been on house arrest for nearly three weeks now, after I discovered that she is the serial baby bunny killer. 

As I was getting the last plant outside, she shot past me, heading for under the deck (where the baby bunny nest is). I didn't know I could move that fast, but I had pounced on her and basically tackled and pinned her to the step of the deck. In that split second I'd decided getting my hands shredded was worth saving this baby's jugular. Good news: I managed to grab her scuff with minimal pain (to either of us). She, meanwhile, is screeching like I'm flaying her alive. She may not speak to me the rest of the week. Worth it.


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