Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Last Week

Here's Bob Sr. and Nell in their new living room, only furnished with their new chairs (and an unseen little couch) that were delivered the prior week

And here's Evan in their only other room besides the kitchen, their bedroom.

They have until June 27 to get everything in their 3/2 ~1800 square foot house downsized to this place. My work last week was to see how much progress I could make in sorting through things to mark things going, things being stored, and things going into the estate sale identified so when their mover shows up that Monday morning, as many of those decisions are done as possible. Thankfully, the mover is doing all the boxing, loading and unloading. 

Monday we had started on their bedroom and gotten rid of a ton of clothes going through both closets and dressers and nightstands. Tuesday is the day we visited their new place in Amarillo. Then Wednesday we really dug in. Here's midway through that day, with everything that came out of a single room and closet exploded in the living room, including a dozen giant scrapbooks that needed to be emptied, about 100 frames most of which needed to be emptied, etc. 

The backyard was a quiet respite from the chaos inside. 
Evan and I would retreat here to get a break.

Thursday and Friday was more of the same.

But we were still friends by Saturday morning when we had breakfast at the diner before I left them alone for the last week in their house. 

Bob surveying what's left to go through in the garage, and their best flowers, growing out of the driveway. 

 Final photo from the trip: I managed to get my tank down to zero right as a pulled into the Dumas gas station before hitting the road home.


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