Friday, November 18, 2016

11/18/16 Snow Fun

Evan LOVES the snow, almost as much as I do. 

Living here, I'm always amazed at the number of people who don't like it and bemoan winter. Then I remember how many years I lived in Texas and bemoaned summer so, fair enough. 

This is my climate. And Evan's. We're happy today. 

So we went out this morning around 9:30 when the sky had turned that impossible blue that it does set against snow, me pulling on my boots and not worrying about anything else, because it's so sunny and lovely. Just stuck with the hoodie, pj pants I'd not yet shed, and those aforementioned boots. 

After about 20 minutes Evan grabbed his toy and headed for the door and I thought, "Yeah, it's still a little chilly without my hat."

Once we got back upstairs, I checked the temp out of curiosity. 

oh, well, that explains it. 

There is really no way to convey to anyone used to what 28° feels like in Houston how different it is here. If I came close, it might be one of those really rare very low humidity days when the breeze is lightly blowing and the sun is shining and your temp hovers around 70°. 

I snapped what I thought were a few pictures of Evan bringing me his toy and, after temperature checking, looked those up on my Google Photos. My phone syncs immediately with the photo account, so I don't have to transfer them, they're just automatically there to download and share. 

Today, however, I realized it had downloaded way more photos than I knew I was taking. First screen: hello pajama pants.

Anyway, here are the more sharable shots:

From earlier this morning, second floor, a survey of the backyard:

I'm gonna have to put that poor little tree out of its misery soon.

And at the time of our romp, with the blue, blue sky and partial moon:

Most of the backyard stays in shade until afternoon. 

It finally occurred to me to make our way over to the little corner in sunlight to throw a little more illumination on those adorable brown eyes.

or lack thereof . .  still adorable


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