Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Enter November

Not much happening the last week of October. Morning walks in the near dark even though it feels like I wait and wait and delay before heading out. One more week of this nonsense and we can get our sunrises back on track. 

caught a fun silhouette of Mrs. Owl perched along the drying up creek bed one morning

and I was surprised to find upon returning from Mom and Dad's that my African violet decided, after 6 months, to finally bloom!

Meanwhile, outside, the tree went into overdrive shedding her leaves.

along our walk yesterday morning

got Fisher a new bed this weekend, which she took to immediately. 

The only time she's not sacked out in it is when she's catching the early morning rays
this morning's first November sky

Snow is welcomed at any point, please. Warmest and driest October on record in the books. Blech. 


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