Sunday, October 23, 2016

Regal Sitting

at first, Regal was reluctant to get down on the floor with Evan around 

But it wasn't long before he realized Evan was in the way of getting treats. 
He knows he has to get down and work on his scratching post to earn treats. So it wasn't long.

you out of the shower yet?

Evan loved hanging out on the deck and letting me know when we had visitors.

Regal waiting for naps on my bed

and night nights, too

seriously, man. 

about as far as he gets away

this wrap around hug was one of those "don't move" moves

morning from the bathroom window

can't see it very well, but his head is dripping from playing in the faucet water

he does like his water. And mine.

and treats

split screen in the kitchen







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