Saturday, October 8, 2016

On the road and from the tent

Experimenting to see of this actually posts from my phone.

Good camera photos and video coming  once we are home, but here's the day 1 highlights from the phone.

Got to ABQ at 4 yesterday and very sweetly asked if there was any way they could fit us in a night early, in order to avoid the insanity of trying to get to the Fiesta via car the following morning,  and the staff made it happen for us!

They gave me a goody bag and told me they were giving me the nicest person all day award. I think it helped that after chatting a good bit, one of the staff let it slip that the woman who had arrived right before me would've won the biggest witch award. Halo effect.

We set up camp and went to El Pinto for dinner. Sat outside and it was perfect weather.

Got into a nightmare trying to return to the tent though. Took over an hour and El Pinto was only 2 miles away! Interstate 25 on ramps closed, exits to Alameda closed from the Interstate, and closed on the other side to incoming traffic one block from where we needed to get in. We will never try that again!

By morning the clouds and wind had moved in and delayed all the balloons. About 2 hours late, they had a window of an hour to get some in the air before rain shut it down for good. Lightning got going and the fields were evacuated. We were soaked by the time we got back to the tent, only to discover the tent interior was leaking as well. We set out for the laudromat to dry our clothes and pillows and sleeping bags, hit up walmart for tarps and bungees to weatherproof the tent, and grabbed lunch at Little Anita's before returning to fix the tent and snuggle in for the afternoon. First time it's been cold all weekend that we've visited!

Hoping the rain moves on through and out so we have blue skies and the all-clear for our balloon flight tomorrow!


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