Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October Start

Amber and I set out for the Meadfest Saturday afternoon on a gorgeous day. The new venue is right near the Capitol and next door to Cheeseman Park at the Tears-McFarlane House. It's their sixth year, and we hadn't been able to make it back since 2013 when it wasn't in nearly as nice a space. That year, Deana was able to attend with us. 


But this week has brought her the sad news of her mother's decline from a stroke so that she was only able to be with us in spirit this time around. 

The new digs:


There were several small meaderies who don't have their bottles in as many stores as the bigger boys. The Dragon Meadery is out of Aurora and had a really lovely Chamomile mead I brought home with me. 


So after a relaxing afternoon, we came back over to my neighborhood and raided Honey B's right before closing. The case was much emptier!

Sunday morning on the way back from the early morning airport drive, we had some great cloud colors.

and the Canadian geese are on the move!


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