Thursday, July 20, 2017

John Mayer 7/19/17

Amber and I met at Los Dos for dinner before the concert and lingered, with zero rush. By the time we got to the light rail at 8:00, almost all of the parking lot was emptied of commuters and the sun was setting. From experience, there was no way Mayer was on stage before 9:00. which is right when we arrived, with zero lines to get in. 

We did arrive to find people sitting in our seats, but the usher kicked them out for us.

Unlike Adele, a year ago this week, in the magic of being at the front row of the stage, we were high and center over everything. 

Started with a full band set

I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Moving On and Getting Over

3 of these are off the new album . . . and that was IT from the new album for the rest of the concert until the very end of the encore. Weird.

He sounded like he was having trouble, maybe a cold?pitch weirdness, and a lot of arrangements pitched much lower than normal. Guessing this is to help with the vocal chord issues he's had, but some sections were rough. 

Then they wheeled in this little bridge for no discernible reason, for the acoustic set of "In Your Atmosphere", "Your Body Is a Wonderland", and his standard cover of "Free Fallin'"

Third chapter was at least the first time I got to hear the Trio live. They did "Who Did You Think I Was", "Good Love Is on the Way", and then "Vultures". 

Then back with the full band for the last grouping of "Who Says" (the only song he ever does from Battle Studies"), "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room", "If I Ever Get Around to Living", "Why Georgia", and "Gravity". If you're keeping count, he does as many from Continuum, which is a decade old now, than from his new album. 

For the encore he did "Born and Raised", then "In the Blood" and closed with "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" which at least pushed the new album songs to 5. 

Wish we'd have gotten "Love on the Weekend", "Never on the Day you Leave", and  "Emoji of a Wave" live instead of some of the more obscure stuff. 

Oh, and Amber and I remember to grab a photo together at the last second, waiting on the light rail outside the arena. That blurry sign didn't quite work out, but the arena's lighting still looks cool!


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