Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Tracker

So, after a complete blood work up, EKG, and wellness check-up I turn out to be healthy as a horse. And about as heavy as one. 

Time to get moving and tracking -- steps and calories and macros and heart rate. 

Pretty handy to have a personal trainer who is excited to work up all the numbers and provide support, even though we have to video call as he's off in Texas being a coach (and getting certified as a trainer this month.)

Nick worked up the goals for my macros to start and dang but I've been way off. Being pescatarian and rarely eating any seafood has meant I've been neglecting the proteins. Luckily, there are tons of plant based proteins, I just have to get aware about consuming them more frequently. Enter My Fitness Pal to log and track nutrients. 

And another part of this incremental shift is the adoption of a fitness tracker. I looked into the popular (and much more expensive) ones but decided on a simpler, smaller tracker that I would be comfortable sleeping in. 

It was not user friendly in getting synced to the app, but I'm stubborn, and got it up and running after some persistence. After that, it's been golden. There's still a few bugs. 

Somehow, last night, going to bed at 9:15, it didn't think I got to sleep until 11:15 and cut off two hours of sleep log. 

It is interesting to see the breakdown of deep versus light sleep. I get half my steps in by breakfast with my walks with Aidan. And it'll keep going on stats to see the week's aggregate. 


It also alerts me to email, texts, and if I've been sitting for more than a half hour without getting up and moving. I'll be interested to see how well the Find Phone works the next time I set it down and lose track of it. 

Started with a partial charge on Saturday and recharged for an hour last night, so we'll see how long it'll go before I need to do it again.


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