Sunday, August 6, 2017

Breckenridge Girls Weekend 8/4 - 8/6/17

Friday night, we met up at the condo, dropped out stuff, and walked to dinner on Main Street
(then promptly headed to bed)

Saturday morning, in three stages from the balcony:

As I'm the first up, I made coffee and watching the light change and laughed at our respective morning "requirements." Mine's in the center.

my favorite spot

 We walked to breakfast and around Main Street a bit Saturday morning.


hanging near our table, a photo of the building from some 50 years ago

the flowers in August are amazing

But our main adventure of the day was to accompany Deana on her sailing lesson. We got the marina at bit early and waited on our guide. We thought we were at the right boat. But that's not ours.


please note the one of us practicing water safety 101

I think I'm probably the only one of the three of us who's had "events" of a catastrophic nature happen on excursions such as this. (Although a life vest wouldn't have helped the fall off the mountain on horseback, to be fair.)

We had worried we'd be freezing as there was rain in the forecast, but it held off and turned into a gloriously perfect day on the water.

Thomas, our teacher, wrapping up the sails to motor back to the marina

We headed back to the condo ahead of the rain and I sat in the window seat with the open window, watching it roll in, the temperature dropping, curled up under a blanket, quite happy. Steph cooked us dinner and they headed for the hot tub while I disconnected for some downtime in my alternative, nonbubbly, hot tub, complete with bath bomb birthday present from Deana and floating flower candle from Steph.

That's about the time I realized I'd gotten more sun off the lake than previously noticed.

Other than my wrists and probably the weirdest patch of sunburn ever, on a single inside left calf (propped up on the seat beside me too much of the time), still white and freckled.

I crawled into bed early, woke at 3:45 to watch the moon set

Played around with keeping the shutter open (with no tripod or remote shutter) to see how many stars I could pick up despite the brightness of the moon

then managed to fall back asleep around 4:45 for a couple of hours. 

Sunday we had breakfast in the condo and then walked about a bit more before hitting the road for home. 

it really feels like this gothic thing needs a cloudy sky behind it, no?

apparently, no HOA restrictions on paint colors...

Our last stop on the way out was at the scenic overlook from I-70 at Lake Dillion where we'd been sailing the day before.


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