Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6-7-11 Is it Saturday YET?

Look what I got tonight!!

I cannot wait to hit the trails on Saturday again with these babies.

They are Merrells (see the Super M -- that's for Mask ;))

The soles are the same Vibram material as the FiveFinger and they are SOOOO light! 

They're just perfect for summer hiking

The Q Form system also seems to be exactly what I've been looking for. Q Angle (Q as in Quadriceps) is  the angle between the hip and the knee. Women's naturally wider hips and lower center of gravity tends to stretch the inner ligaments when hiking boots have the same construct and model as a men's shoe. This ligament issue is part of what I spent month in physical therapy trying to correct.
The cushioning in these shoes is designed around the idea of aligning the foot strike to diminish joint pain. Between what seems to be early onset of osteoarthritis and a connection between my heavier, higher hiking boots with the return of knee pain, I'm hoping these babies will help keep me hiking. 

So now the next question is, where to next? I've been bouncing around different hiking sites, trying to pin down exactly which trail we'll be hitting to break in my new shoes, whose model is aptly named "Depart."

Between the weekly trails and the early planning stages of a camping trip for my birthday, which I think is going to be near Maroon Bells I have big plans for these babies!


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