Friday, October 19, 2012

10-19-12 Animation Academy

One often overlooked offering at both Disneyland (in California Adventure) and at Walt Disney World (at Disney Studios) is the Animation Academy.

For Samantha, she'd rather stay here all day than do much else.

A different character class is offered every half hour by a Disney artist.

It's pretty basic stuff, but it's fun to draw along.

The pencils do not have erasers. 

At DL you are on a couch with a drawing board. At WDW there are desks. I didn't draw any better at one place or the other. 

But Bob and Sam are always in competition for the best in show.

Now if only we could do Timon doing the hula!

A few pictures from past years:

2004 (Pluto)

2008 with Pluto

2008 with Chip

 2010 Pascal from Tangled

Bob shares. 
Nick inherited my gene and decides not to.


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