Monday, October 22, 2012

10-22-12 Howard Johnson Disneyland Review

So one of the big things about trying out Disneyland instead of our usual Disney World is that you have much more competition for hotel rates since Disney does not own miles and miles of property around its parks. 

We joked that the walk from the HoJo to the front gate was about the length of several of our walks from the resort bus stop to our rooms at WDW.

When we first started going to WDW, in 2000, we scored the best room rate ever, which was about $144.00 a night for a top of the line view at the Wilderness Lodge under a state-employee discount rate they discontinued the next year. To stay in that room on those dates this December, the cost is $537.00 a night not including the 12.5% tax. Even with an amazing discount, that's highway robbery for a room that is 340 square feet.

So the idea that we could snag a bigger room, less than a 10 minute walk away from the front gates, for $135.00 a night was pretty appealing. Add to that air fare being cheaper to California than to Florida and it was Disney on the cheap (relatively.)

The room with two amazingly comfortable queen beds, flat screen, fridge, etc. with private balcony.

View from said private balcony at night.

And the Matterhorn peeked in the window in the mornings from the bathroom mirror.

A few downsides:
1. The internet connection was LOUSY
2. There weren't enough accessible plugs for laptops, camera batteries, and cell phones
3. My personal pet peeve: no creamer. And they charged .35 cents each for the tiny little single servings in the shop. Better than the sunscreen we forgot. That ran us more than $20! We started comparing costs of things in sunblock -- breakfast at IHop for all three of us was than than 2 sunblocks, etc.

But overall, great room, great location, clean, with very friendly service. We'd stay here again. We'd just remember the sunscreen, creamer, and power strip next time. 


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