Sunday, October 21, 2012

10-21-12 Vintage Walt Disney World

From the out-of-print Walt Disney World: The First Decade

Roy O. Disney, dedicating Walt Disney World on opening day.

The first family to ever enter Disney World on Opening Day October 1, 1971: The Windsors

One thousand and seventy-six instruments are in the band led by "Music Man" Meredith Willson as part of the Grand Opening parade. And yes, there are 76 trombones leading the big parade.

Over 5000 performers and 500 doves join in the Grand Opening celebtration and dedication ceremonies, October 25, 1971

The Central Hub, with so many trees

Christmas at the Magic Kingdom, including fireworks from Bay Lake and the Candlelight Processional creating the living Christmas Tree at the Railroad Station. "The Night Before Christmas" was read by such celebrities as Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, and Perry Como.

The 1976 Bicentennial Parade

Main Street in the 70s

 Long gone River Country water park

That's Amy Carter, 1978

Left, the Mission to Mars show. Right, underneath the Kingdom and behind the scenes in the utilidors.
On October 22, 1979, Kurt Miller of Maryland becomes the 100,000,000 visitor to the Magic Kingdom.


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