Sunday, November 3, 2013

11/3/13 Fall Cats at the Denver Zoo

Gorgeous day to take in the Denver Zoo. We're expecting snow tomorrow, but today? All warmth and sunshine! Amber, who's never been, met me for a tour, especially the big cats.

Meet Sango. He's just been introduced to Predator Ridge this week. 
Sango is a 16 month adolescent lion who's just starting to sprout his mane.

This is Sabi. She's 14 months old and out with Sango.

It's been really rough year for the Denver Zoo lions. The pride is aging and three lions, Rian, Tawny, and Natal, have succumbed this year to cancer. Krueger and Baby are both showing signs of old-age illnesses. Zoo lions live longer than their wild counterparts, but most are at the end of that span. Only Rajah, Rian's brother, is still in good health other than the two babies. 

And remember tiny baby Misha the snow leopard?

Look how big she is!

One of the shy clouded leopards was actually roaming about instead of perched up high in a corner. This is first time in all our visits that's happened.

And the fishing cat was out and about, too! We don't see her much either.

But no tiger love today. All cat naps, no action .

In non-cat news... a few other shots I liked

well played, Gerenuks. Thanks for the pee shot.


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