Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday:3 Important Notes to my Future Thanksgiving Self

Here are the most important things I need to remember for next year's Thanksgiving, assuming it's the same process as it's been for the past four years:

1. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong with your work internet connectability. Take as many back up wi-fi-my-fi hotspot thingamajiggers you can find and keep your IT guy on speed dial.

2. Stop packing "cute" clothes for your trip. You want stretchy pants and hoodies almost the entire time you're here, not blazers and jeans. You'll wear the same one constantly and gross everybody out again if you don't bring more sweats.

3. Bring a TURKEY. After four years, you should know: they aren't going to make enough turkey for leftovers on Thanksgiving night which, to you, is tantamount to a mortal sin. And they'll look at you like you're being unreasonable to expect it. I'm not sure what universe your other family came from, but if there isn't so much turkey that you're worried it'll spoil before you can eat it all, you don't have enough. This has been me every Thanksgiving night for the past four years now:


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