Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Thanklist

Let's assume my family and friends and good health always tops the list.

But this morning, in just random thoughts,  on this Thanksgiving 2013 I am also thankful for...

second (and sixteenth) chances

remembering and memory, the good and the bad

guitar strings and calluses

really good books

the unconditional love of my dogs

long walks at sunrise

Sammi's driver's license (and her new job!)


my camera and my lifetime of photographs

the smell of warm baked cookies

cell phones

Colorado meaderies

fat cat and tiny cat snuggles, equally

the sound of my son's voice on the phone

mountain streams in summer

walls painted the color of sunshine

spiced apples


real food

the internet

an empty Christmas tree that waits for Nick's return so we can decorate it together



trips to Disney World (including the one in 35 days!)

losing all interest in sodas

belting out show tunes or harmonizing Sara Bareilles tunes with Sam

snow-capped mountains

my husband's over-large heart

crisp, cold air that makes my lungs ache with being alive

working from home



stone floors

But mostly, I'm thankful that I am cognizant of being an unrepeatable note in the grand symphony that is the cosmos, and even more grateful for the existence of those other unrepeatable notes with whom I have been able to harmonize.


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