Monday, April 7, 2014

4/7/13 Three Year Surgery Anniversary

One year ago today, I was so far removed from thinking about health issues, I didn't even mark the date. It was a Sunday and I could've gone out and done anything I pleased. Instead,  I posted about the weather. And the rest of the month and following were largely about the Red Rocks Boot camp I'd started, with zero idea so many of the exercises were pushing my hips (which burned  so often and my trainers always dismissed as "good") into their showdown with their own surgery this year. 

So this year? It's a Monday. I'm in bed again with the surgery table, ice on the hip, and grumpy. I do have this guy staring back at me, though. He turned out pretty cute, rushed paint job and all. 

by this evening, less grumpy, more puppy


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