Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tennessee, June 1979: the incomplete collection

Another one on the list of "To Revisit for Scanning" is the only trip we took out east to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in June 1979. I think seven years ago when I was scanning through mounds of boxes, I was only interested in "people highlights" and didn't take the time I should to digitize more thoroughly. 

Here's all I've got to show for the Tennessee Trip at the moment. Ironically, about a quarter of them are in Mexia, where we picked up Me-Maw to go with us. 

Then there are a handful of the Opry

And, since these weren't in Texas yet and they were a proud sponsor of the Opry, my first trip to a Cracker Barrel:

And Sword of the Lord Publishing, apparently

This was not a camping trip, but we did have drives through the mountains and picnic lunches, as well as trains and battlegrounds, and Ruby Falls Caverns


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