Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Life in Shirts

It's a bit like my own personal archaeological discovery. Dad found a small pile of shirts this month in their basement that I wore four decades ago. It's interesting what survives and what disappears. This little pink shirt is the oldest of the bunch. 

After that, when I actually had input on my wardrobe, the surviving evidence gets decidedly more boyish and blue.

I searched all my archives and cannot find a single picture of me wearing one of these Port Aransas Shirts.

I could only come up with one that didn't survive the endless purges:

All of the shirts pre-date junior high, except for the last. 

Four were Baylor shirts, the oldest probably worn when I was 2, through the green one with its football mesh along the sides when I was 10. 

Two of them had my name on the back!

This was about 1975

A brief departure from green and gold:


The 1976 Indian skirt made it, along with a New Mexico tee that has no photo match.

Back to green and gold for Girl Scouts

And Easthaven

(not either of the above. This was the actual numbered gym shirt we had to return.)

And more gold, at least for the first two of the three Tidalwave years, when we switched to a more applicable blue:

Trip shirts from around 1981 and 1982
The Chama Train shirt I remember selecting, in the store at the depot, before we took the train ride up to Colorado and back to New Mexico

And guess what else I found? This brown Grand Tetons one was a sharer -- Mom's wearing it on the same trip on a different day. Now if only we still had that awesome moose shirt I'm in. 

I was most thrilled to discover the infamous Busy Beavers Canada shirt in the pile.

The last and youngest of the group, only thirty years young, was my Thompson Lions shirt, which was the Friday staple. But no pictures of me wearing it.

Other than the moose shirt above, there a couple of others I wish had been in there

the beloved puppy shirt

one of many Snoopy shirts long gone

the horse shirt I broke my arm in

or the National Oil Well shirt I wore to pieces. 


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