Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Bedridden Week in Review

I plugged my phone into the computer tonight and off-loaded my pictures. I was amused at all of the photos from the past week were entirely me, in bed, with my animals.

And that's pretty much the ENTIRE week. After the shot and the flare up, I took to bed, worked from bed, ate in bed, iced my hip all day long, and experimented with how little Vicodin I could get by on just so I would know where things stand.

So, starting from last Sunday, when I was alone, here's the whole week:


so I did get out of bed to help Bob get the second window in the dining area covered in the stained glass film to match our other window today. 

And, even though part of me thought I should just call it off, I kept to my plan to go out with Amber this evening. My friend Tanya had alerted me that the Target gorillas had new Easter bonnets, so before we hit up the Arts on Fire, we had to stop and check them out. 

It turns out they are all wearing necklaces with their names, and all are named after the characters from The Big Bang. I posed with Bernadette, my favorite. All their hats had flown off (are are anchored around their legs with fishing line) so we reaffixed them while we were admiring their Easter adornments.

So it was 4:00 by the time we got to Arts on Fire, and by the time we'd looked at all our choices and really gotten going, we only had about 90 minutes to paint them. Amber went for a travel coffee mug (comes with a lid).

And I chose an Owl jar. 90 minutes really isn't enough time to feather detail this little guy in alternating blue and green feathers as well as brown detailing, but I got him in just under the wire. I did 4-5 coats on him like they instructed so his paint would turn into the brilliant, dark colors after his glazing. Sam assures me this will happen, even though he's very pale right now.  I'll go back and pick ours up next Sunday once they've been fired. 

We followed that up with dinner at the place next door, The Landsdowne Arms, which turned out to be a really nice Irish pub.

Now THAT'S fish and chips!

I was telling Amber over dinner how glad we'd made this pact to get out and do something each month. It's so easy to get sucked into being in the sickbed and staying there. You're in pain, so you try to rest, but mostly you just end up thinking about the pain, which is the last thing you need to be doing. It doesn't help. It actually feels like it makes everything worse. 

Add to this reading about upcoming surgery and reports from those going through it, ahead of you, and commiserating, and it really can become a pit of despair. 

Getting out into the world and getting away from all of that for just a few hours was such a relief, even if I was limping around and popping pills. I'll take that over endless malaise and self pity any damn day!


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