Friday, March 21, 2014

3/21/14 The Cortisone Shot

I've always worn the Lefty label proudly. I like that it means my brain is wired differently from 90% of the population (even that does leave us lefties more prone to psychosis).

I'm left-handed and left-legged and left-eyed. If there's a test for favoring a side, it always comes up left with me. 

However, this seems to have led to a few other left-side issues. Thinking back, I've broken my left arm, twice. Broken toes? Left. Warts? Left. Ingrown toenails? Left. I've had to go to physical therapy for my left knee and ILT band. My fibroids filled up the left side of my uterus, which led to my left ureter having to be rebuilt. Maybe Sam's asymmetry that causes her left side to be markedly larger than her right is my fault, too.  

And here I am facing hip surgery to repair a faulty left hip. 

Enough already.

Had to go back in to the doc today for what I thought was some kind of routine shot. Her nurse called me Tuesday and said she wanted me to come back in because the surgeon would doubtless want it done. I'm expecting to pop in and get stuck by the nurse, in and out. 


This involved stripping down and getting gooped up for the ultrasound and then stuck a couple of place to find the right entry INTO the hip socket where I got shot up yet again, this time with cortisone. 

It turns out this wasn't as involved as these procedures usually are. Yikes. But not really being prepared for any of it wasn't terribly comforting, either. 

And, of course, while this is supposed to give me some long-term relief, the first couple of days after the injections are worse. Lurvley.

With Bob in Florida, Nick in Texas, and Sam heading to Oregon tomorrow, I will have the weekend to scream and throw things in my crankiness without having to apologize. I guess that's a plus. 


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