Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Polaroids

Going through boxes and bags of photos and you'll always be able to lay your hands on the Polaroids first. They aren't square like the 60s and 70s photos and they aren't 4x6 like the 80s photos. They stick out. 

So I culled every polaroid that survived these past 30+ years and laid them out to appreciate the little collection. 

I'd been gifted a Polaroid camera for my 11th grade birthday and all of the pictures are taken between 1981 and 1983.

The film was pretty expensive and you only got a 10 pack, which meant the photos you took needed to be pretty special. What does that mean to an eleven year old?

Between the poor lighting and the killer flash bulbs (also purchased in a bar of five), as well as the bad color you naturally got with a Polaroid that changed into stranger shades over the decades, and they're pretty rough. But there's something very sweet about them, too.

Most are from Christmas

Photos from Me-Maw's house

There is a set from a Holt faily reunion (Mammammy's family) in Ingleside in 1983

A few from Canada in 1981

And family and friends


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