Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Colorado Hippy Chick

So there's a new link in the right sidebar for any future health updates. I started this blog with a whimsical hope it would chronicle silly things, serious things, odd things, fun things . . .  the whole point of wandering was to not have any particular script. 

This hip thing is taking on a life of its own and in March, I blogged about that as much as anything else. 

I don't like that. 

It's stealing my joy here. 

So Colorado Hippy Chick is my new address for all this health junk. 

It can stay out of my happy place.

And people who care or strangers who are affected by FAI can find a more concise point of reference of one 43 year old woman's journey through something she really didn't think she'd need to worry about for another couple of decades at least.


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