Friday, March 28, 2014

The Spring Swapover

It's Spring Swapover time! That exhasuting task of taking out all the bulky sweaters and hoodies and heaby plaid flannels and rolling them up to put into the tubs that you have to empty of all the tshirts and tank tops and flip flops that need to get back into rotation. 

Never does my closet look better than that one day when I finally accomplish this task. I even line things up by color and style (collared long sleeves at left, collar-less at right.) I debated on whether to separate the 3/4 length sleeves from the full length and decided I'd rather keep them together by color.  It's so pretty I have to take pictures because it will be another 365 days before it ever looks this way again. The Fall Swapover is much less well organized thanks to the bulkiness of the items.

And yes, I definitely have color preferences. I have a single white t-shirt and about fifteen in blue. The out of place colors on the far right are the shrugs I wear over tank-top and not technically shirts. But that strip of pink and blue out of place bugs me, even so. 

Strangely, once start wearing these, doing laundry, and putting them away again, all of this OCD goes straight out the window. It only matter on their inaugural debut each year. 

And, odds are, now that I've accomplished this Herculean task, as with most Colorado Marches, the snow will start to fall tomorrow. 


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