Saturday, March 29, 2014

HDR cheats and the Epcot Geosphere

I've been playing around with CS6's HDR tone option on some photographs. They aren't true HDR, obviously, but try to simulate the process. One of the most interesting subjects turns out to have been Epcot's geosphere.  A few comparisons for fun are below. The HDR filtered photo is on the right of the original. Since the first few years these are negatives that were later digitized, the quality isn't the greatest. Also love the permanently imprinted WRONG date on the first one, from 2000. Stupid Y2K camera date system! The filter tends to ove-brighten, to my taste, any shot with people in them. And I have not mastered any night photo with the filter. I haven't discovered the secret of lowering the noise values in them. But some do turn out pretty interesting this way.  


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