Sunday, July 6, 2014

oh, right, Renaissance Festival!

Just realized I managed to not upload the Ren Fest photos! So I'm a week late on this post.

The Colorado Renaissance Festival is getting close to its 40th year in operation. Having lived in Navasota, just 20 minutes from the Texas Renaissance festival, we've been attending the Colorado version since we moved here in 2007. In comparison, the Colorado Fest is a bit smaller in acreage but that's fine by us, since we never felt like we ever manage to see everything in a day at the Texas version.

It's in the summer here, which would be unthinkable in Texas, and it still does get pretty warm in the middle of the afternoon, unless you get a rain shower. However, starting the day around 70° is pretty sweet.

They open at 10:00 and we are usually on hand for the opening of the gates. Touring tip: if you want to have a lot of the place to yourself in the first half hour, go left. Everyone seems to wander up and to the right at this one. And I do mean "up" -- the festival is nestled into a nicely steep foothill and you will notice the climb.

the royal crew waves and shouts to the first-comers for about 15 minutes before resuming their royal duties inside the gate.

mingling with the crowd includes Twig the fairy

Inside the gates, all manner of revelries are on-going for the opening. Seriously, if you show up at 11:00 you'll have missed a lot.

These guys are usually Green Lantern, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but at the Ren Fest, all bets are off.

A favorite place is the dragon puppet shop. These guys can have multiple cords that move their heads and wings, but they are mighty pricey, so we typically pick out a favorite and just have a photo op.

My little dragon, Levi, was a gift for my birthday from Nick last year, but he really did not want to ride on my shoulder for very long. He doesn't have enough butt surface to affix him securely to my shoulder, so after an hour, he rode at my waist.

Levi is looking decidedly jealous. Wing envy.

 Really lovely shops, practically deserted in the first hour. GO LEFT.

ear cuff photos

my large perched dragon was a new addition. He's pretty cool.

Gorgeous hand-painted silks

Man making brooms in the shadows, far right. Goddess brooms, not witch.

The artist in this spot keeps a lovely garden to show off her iron works (see painted metal butterfly)

Bob at the hat shop

Bob with the hat guy, who was just made for the Ren Faire. He's awesome.

Hand craved dragons, although I think the No Smoking sign is just cruel.

It's a law: you have to take a picture of the water wheel.

Bob and a Pirate Wench, who was telling bawdy jokes to the customers

This is my favorite thing to eat at the Fest. It's a strawberry ice, hard frozen onto a half an orange. 

Bob and his crab cakes. Not in this heat, no thank you.

How often do you find your very own sign? Close enough.
Caught up with Ben again, who is one of the cast for the Fest, and he introduced us to the Sheriff, also on the payroll 

Sweet Elephant ear wave. There are protesters outside the Faire grounds fighting to have the elephants freed from their endless little circle of rides for their entire life. I can't say I'm really happy at their lot, either. 

the local beggar on cast. I wonder how much he walks away with in tips everyday? Bank.

The local falcon rescue group, Nature's Educators, has a booth, too.

She's just a baby -- only 9 months old

And she's an retired falconer's bird, at 23 years of age

sword swallower

tomahawk maker

empty jousting field

Arsene's Show

Parade time

greyhound rescue

On the way out, Bob said, "We never got a picture of us together!" so he asked the girl manning the Living Social booth to snap one . . . in the parking lot. Pretty!

Next trip, with Deana, is in a couple of weeks on the 19th. New costume additions on the way!


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