Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday with D

So after a few nights of roughing it, with some freshly washed hair, I got myself down to Cascade and had lunch with Deana, creekside, at Wines of Colorado

We got our Buffalo Wine burgers on order (sauteed mushrooms and blue cheese) and went into the tasting bar to select a pairing. Since everything available is Colorado-only, it's a fun way to discover some stuff you may not usually see. I went with a Colorado Malbec with a name you cannot beat: Infinite Monkey Theorum

with the cheese plate. 
Got too busy with the buffalo burger to remember a photo, but wow, what a burger.

Our main mission was to paint Deana's guest bathroom wall.  Here's our before and after. 

Since we finished that up faster than anticipated, we went out to pick up firewood for her new fire pit as well as guacamole making. I insisted on making it from scratch when she started looking for the mix. Between that and the leftover cheese and fruit from lunch, we had a lovely feast. Between the mimosas, wine, and half-moon with Mars peeking around the edge, it was a lovely, low-key evening.

I didn't have my zoom and was working on settings in almost complete darkness except for the fire light, so what I grabbed was pretty crappy. 

I can either get a few details on the moon's surface

Or I can get a glowing orb with an actual sense of the evening sky's clouds.
Take your pick.

D also had a few sparklers left over that needed lighting. 

I got as low as I could without blur and had her light it up. 

Pre-lighting by candles

And, because I can't help it, one more hopeless shot of the moon and Mars and the clouds.

Woo-hoo, Moon Noise!

But a very nice Saturday.


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