Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Aspen Lamp

A few months ago when we were up in Victor and at the Trading Co. when I spotted this lamp up on a shelf with the unbelievable price tag of $25.00. It's carved Aspen with a shade and a three-way bulb. $25!!! 

I've tried in vain to pull up information about Boyer Orig. Lamp Makers, but no luck.
This one is marked Colorado Aspen, 1979

Since Aspen trunks grow relatively quickly, it's hard to say whether this trunk was born with me or not, but it could be close.

I'm not sure why lamps are so danged expensive.  This one is ONLY $275.00! I thought I might find an aspen leaf lampshade, but after pricing them, I think I'll stick with my $25 amazing find as is. 


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