Monday, October 13, 2014

Family Portraits

Had my first foray into Family Portraiture yesterday. 

Amber texted to see if I'd be willing to try my hand at her family's Christmas Card photos. I usually am focusing on mountains, sometimes wildlife, so the idea of trying to get a group of 8 people, 3 of whom are kindergarten and younger, in a decent pose, with good lighting, and no one blinking or squirming seemed a little daunting, but I told her I've give it a shot. 

Here's a few favorites from the session yesterday: 

that moving hand on Andrew makes me crazy, but there was just no photoshopping it without making it worse.

This was the most real shot we got, but it was fun nonetheless and, luckily, they aren't too picky. Amber said they loved them, so mission accomplished.


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