Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Road Trip Part

In between balloons and Breaking Bad tours (blog to come), 
I did actually take a few photos of us doing our road trip. 

our setting-out selfie

tent in place by 5:00!
They changed up the tent area, cutting it down by half with only about a dozen spots now.
They'd laid down asphalt, but loose enough to stake through.
This took out the terrible stickerburr problem from the past year, but it did make the area considerably hotter.

We had dinner at El Pinto. Outside, they were making roasted green chilis and selling them by the bag or half-bag. I didn't fully understand what I was getting when I bought a half a bag to pick up after we ate. The guy handed over a giant white plastic garbage bag of roasted chilis! We had to stop and get a cooler and a bag of ice for the rest of the weekend, which I moved around the tent chasing the shade.

you can just make out the cooler outside the front of the tent (as well as my lantern on inside)

(Insert Balloon Festival and Breaking Bad Activities here)

Lunch Saturday included a lovely discovery: Bit O'Honey Ice Cream!!

Sunday morning we sat out in front of the tent hoping to watch them launch, but it was called off due to wind conditions, so we packed it in and headed for Santa Fe.

Brunch at the Plaza!

Blue Corn Enchiladas, a blue twist on Huevos Rancheros 

tried to pop in for Pinon Fudge, but darnit if they didn't open until noon on Sundays

we did walk though the La Fonda before heading for the car

Palace of the Governors was in business 

and fresh ristras were everywhere

I even got a baby one to take back!

We drove around the Santa Fe University of Art and Design for Sam to check out before hitting the road for home. Stopped in at Mom and Dad's to drop off half the chilis and some shirts from the festival 
(the phone pic sent over to make sure they were wanted)

And were home by 5:00 p.m., a mere 48 hours after the tent went up.
It would take a least that long to start sorting and posting the pictures!


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