Sunday, November 8, 2015
As it turned out, today happened to be Carol's 66th birthday!

A few photos from our trip to Garden of the Gods and the Miramont Castle in Manitou today.

time out from vistas for my friends who joined me for a light lunch on the patio of the Trading Post...

This little guy with the spot on his back was my best bud. The other half dozen were pretty shy and came up carefully. This dude shook hands, sat right nearby to munch, and came back for more without a sideways glance. He knew a squirrel bud when he saw one. 

After lunch, onto Miramont for a tour before High Tea!


Sadly, the Christmas Creep has hit the castle. Sigh. 








that tiny little Victorian Fainting Couch...

the only visible anchor (one of sixteen) that secures the castle to the mountain wall, so it doesn't all go tumbling from erosion. They are sixteen feet long deep into the earth.


from the top of the castle, down to the Tea Room!




the tea room is actually behind the first room you enter on the tour up the staircase, so here's the opposite side's view

back at the end of the Con after a fun birthday!


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