Saturday, November 7, 2015
So with Bob staying over at the Convention center this weekend and running madly from one end of the hotel to the other and to the airport and back multiple times . . .

here I am, sipping on the first cup of coffee in bed with my constant companions.

I do feel a little guilty.

There are now approximately 15 blankets that have made their way beside my bed and while Katy tends to slide up next to them and not much else, Evan is going in whole hog. He's worse than a toddler, kicking them around and arranging them just so. It's a feat of acrobatics to get out of bed in the morning without tripping through paws and tails.

My quiet morning on the computer was, as usual, interlaced with how much I'd allow Bruiser to spread out. I let him get pretty far gone this morning, before his weight started working on the keyboard so I couldn't scroll, before we had to have the talk.

He knows the talk is about to happen.

Got about as dressed up as I do, which wasn't much, but when you spend most days in hoodies and pajama pants, it feels like a lot. 

(Harry Potter Marauder's Map dress)

Mom and Dad took me to Los Dos for lunch (and leftovers are about to be reheated for dinner!) and then we drove over to check out the Con. 

Really proud of this guy and what's he's built for himself in such a short time. He's been hustling all year long for this moment and, despite plenty of behind the scenes craziness, has been able to pull off a really impressive Year 3 Con. Pre-sales and door sales are booming and they've doubled in size from Year 2 to 3. George's line was long, of course, as always. And Jason, I learned, was out squiring Carol over to Cherry Creek for some shopping since I wasn't available. 

Tomorrow, Carol and I hit Manitou Springs and Victoria Tea at the Miramont Castle and Jason will be back on George-handling duty. I think they'll both be happier. 


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