Monday, November 30, 2015

there and back again

Saturday morning we all set out, Nick headed South and the six of us back north.
Well, north for Sam and then a lot further south the following day. 
She spent 8 hours total in flight and 12 hours total on the road this weekend.

Nick hopped in at the gas station for one last photo before the road

The road:

going up Raton Pass on the New Mexico Side

5 minutes later, going down on the Colorado side.

Sam wanted a big breakfast at Toast before she had to return to Florida.

Toast is a little spot in downtown Littleton that features different artists' styles on Toast shaped canvases.

Then we headed back to the house to hang up Christmas ornaments.

Since this is Jason's second Christmas with us, he's got two ornaments for the tree.

And this is the first time Sam and I decided this year's ornament was "the" one was one and the same. So now we'll have two Wall-Es on the tree, until Sam gets her own.

Packing, Katy was not a happy camper. Neither was Sam.

I'd told Sam to text me when she landed and as she got to the shuttle and to her car. She'd landed at midnight, had to wait on her bag at baggage claim, and get the shuttle out to the economy lot.

All good. 

Then the phone rang. 

The car wouldn't start. She was slightly freaked but held it together, shocked the crap out of herself using the box I'd bought her to keep in the glovebox to jump the car herself (left the keys in the ignition...) at which point the box went dead. Crap. 

Luckily, someone patrols the garages round the clock and about the time we'd looked up the assistance line and called to get her help, he'd shown up and called in the same. The guy was there in about 15 minutes and said he guessed her dome light had been clicked on which drained the battery. He got her jumped and on her way. An hour later, after 2 a.m. her time, I got the text "Made it back. Going to bed."

And then I could sleep.


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