Thursday, May 26, 2016

5/26/16 Snowy Mountain Drive

So Nick and Ali and I took a mountain drive today up to Mt. Evans. The weather said it was going to rain in the afternoon, so we thought we would be ahead of the storm. Not so much.

Normally, you'd be seeing mountain ranges far off into the distance . . .

it was hovering around 36°

we were able to get a bit of a view down into the valley

Echo Lake in the gray

the snow/hail/graupel along the trail

not too many folks up here for lunch. Just the tables along the windows had people at them and the parking lot was mostly empty. The view below.

the view above

Nick went for the buffalo burger, Ali the made-from-scratch chicken pot pie

pie time!

and a few more stops to play in the snow on the way down

and a stop or two for little bitty waterfalls



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