Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ali's Last Day

last night Nick took Ali to a Rockies game and as they were leaving, I shouted, "a photo would be nice!" So she sent me two!

and it turned out to be free hat night!

This morning we stopped by the Home Depot to get my annual Memorial Day plants that I attempt to keep alive through the summer. 

Have I mentioned it's baby bunny season? 

In the Home Depot garden area, this little guy was quite happy with the selection.

And since Nick discovered it was National Hamburger Day, Sam persuaded him that he should try Bad Daddy Burgers. (And yes, they had a vegetarian black bean burger that was quite tasty.)

From there, we headed for the airport. This cool mushroom cloud was along the way.

Bye, Ali :(

More cool cloud photos from the drive home:

Back home, I finally gave the baby aloe vera her very own pot since she's been scrunched and squished underneath her mama for way too long.  Now they look like they are hugging since being separated.

This summer's crop include an Ivy vine, a Blue Spruce Stonecrop succulent, Columbines, and, in  front, some Impatiens that do well on in the front porch shade. To the far right is the only contender returning from last year, the begonia (not currently flowering) that Marci sent me for my hip surgery, now nearly 16 months old and not dead yet! 


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