Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5/4/16 Yoga with a Friend

Back in Colorado just in time for the warmest day of the year.

It was spectacularly gorgeous, all sunshiny and bursting with blooms. Cold enough this morning to be comfy in my hoody and ski hat, warm enough to be in shorts and bare feet in the yard this afternoon. 75° with a humidity of 18%? Yes, please.

the tree exploded into leaves in my absence

one of the climbers on the fence along our walk this morning as the sun was rising

This afternoon I pulled out the yoga mat after far too long to practice. 
my view looking up

Today's practice was feet-centered, which Evan apparently approved. He was quite happy to participate.

my view looking down

getting my toes licked

I doubt photographs are really part of the focus and attention I should be aiming for, but really, how much better therapy is that adorable face?

I think I need to incorporate a practice with your pets 
It's clearly a niche market that is in need.


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