Sunday, July 17, 2016

Adele Live 2016 Concert July 16, Denver CO

Funny story, way back on Dec. 16, when we were at Hollywood Studios at Disney World, I'd set my phone alarm to remind myself to try and nab tickets from the Adele fan pre-sale link. Spent about 20 minutes in the ticket queue after clicking "best available" thinking I was going to have to try again the next day during regular sales. But then, it popped up with "you may purchase 4 tickets", I clicked purchase, and went about our vacation.

It wasn't until we got home that it occurred to me it might be a good idea to find out where our seats ended up. Floor, row 11. WHAAAAA?

And then, with Sam and Amber claiming tickets #2 and #3, we found ourselves stuck for a 4th. Everyone we asked either wasn't a fan or couldn't go. Mind you, floor tickets much further back were going for $1500 and up a piece and stayed at that price for six months. I couldn't resell our 4th on Stubhub, because the entire point of the fan pre-sale was to reduce scalping. Really? I can't find a single person among our friends willing to spend $200 for a $2000 ticket?

So, I take to Facebook and post on my Highlands Ranch Ladies group. "Um .  . . anyone available to go with us Saturday July 16? Row 11, $200?" 

And that's how we found Britney, who is a huge Adele fan, lives in Casper Wyoming, but was already going to be in town that weekend visiting her aunt, Kendra, who is a member of the group, and who had nose-bleed tickets for Sunday's concert. So yes, Britney is going to both shows. 

But wait, it gets better. . . row 11 turned out to be ROW 1 AT THE STAGE. (Rows 1-10 were weirdly off to the far side of the stage lined up perpendicularly.) 

We really weren't believing our eyes as we walked up from the back of the floor, looking for CCC Row 11. It kept getting closer and closer. And our seats, 10-13, were on the inside of the row, exactly at the stage and closer than even the center section. 

Our staff guy was super nice. And amused at our shock and awe.

Adele's eyes on the screen behind us were not static, but did not open. It was as though they filmed her sleeping in full-on cat-eye makeup for a good while to run in a loop.

And then, they opened. And you heard her voice ring out with "Hello" and the crowd went absolutely nuts. She appeared on a stage in the center of the floor for the first song, then walked up the center, to the right, directly in front of us, where she grinned and waved at us. Incredible.

I was too caught up in soaking in the moments to mess with my phone very much, but when she asked us to all pull out of phones and turn on our "torches" while she sang "To Make You Feel My Love" I snapped this one: 

Sam's favorite: Skyfall

For her last number before the encore, she returned to the center stage and some really cool effects.

Her encore: When We Were Young

And then the one that always brings down the house: Rolling in the Deep



What a night.

Sam's video of Rolling in the Deep:

(Mine is just the very end that Sam didn't film through)

And that confetti? 10 different Adele hand-written notes. I think I ended up with about 20 of each. 

Found myself tagged on Facebook from Sam and Amber still basking in our amazing night, too.

Google ended up auto making a video from the phone downloads that turned out pretty great.


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