Thursday, July 28, 2016

Birthday House Presents

this was the scene at lunch yesterday 

this was Bruiser during the few minutes we had the drapes on the couch. He had to wiggle his butt under the bar and plop down.

By last night, the room was coming together. The other two bedrooms were completed today.

that orange-ish oak on the railings is getting stained gray this weekend

and here's the gray carpet that will be installed on the stairs in the next couple of weeks.

Sam's room is turning into the guest room:

Faith is pointing out the drawers are still out in the garage.

and this, once I repaint over that lime green, will turn into my office!

Nathan and Benny were done with the floors and were out by 2:30 and an hour later, the sliding glass door arrived for installation.

And at 7:30, he was done. Whew. 

that pretty sticker has to stay put until the inspector shows up Monday to clear the install, but the fact that it's not fogged up with the broken seal and mold growing inside? That I do not have to lock the door with a screwdriver because the handle's been broken for years? THAT's a birthday present!

The blinds are built in between the glass, too, so no dusting!

I'd made a batch of everyone's favorite supper, Shrimp Enchiladas, this morning so all we had to do, amidst the craziness of home renovations, was pop them into the oven.
And Sam and Bob brought birthday pie to top it all off. 

(Sammi presents on my lap. Biggest birthday present ever, under my butt.)


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