Sunday, July 3, 2016

Big and Busy Week in Review

Monday: Nick could officially announce that he is the newest full-time football coach hired by Southwestern University! The boy not only got a job, he got what seems to be the perfect fit, at his own alma mater, working with coaches he knows and admires, in the same place as Ali's job. So, come next September,Nick will be standing next to Coach Austin in slightly different attire and in far less danger of concussions.

Tuesday through Thursday: Quiet walks, and some lovely cooler weather with frequent thunderstorms, but thankfully no hail to speak of. But the dog park was closed for two of those days, so that was a bummer.

On Wednesday, out of nowhere, the television picture up and died. We'll have to replace it, but luckily Jason had a small spare that we can use until then. That afternoon, Nick's jeep up and died, right after Bob, who is having to borrow my or Nick's vehicle while his Jeep is in the shop waiting for the new engine to arrive, had stopped to check the mail at the boxes some 20 yards from the house. He called the Jeep place, basically after hours, and the guy diagnosed it over the phone, told him he was 99% sure that it had to just the battery (despite having zero trouble starting it, ever) and it was. Same guy called the following to day to make sure it had all worked out. We love our Jeep guy!

On Thursday, Nick got his hail damaged Jeep repaired. It had knocked both front washer jets down into the cowl. Luckily, like the battery, not too expensive a fix.

Friday was another animal entirely. Friday I started a new account that had me in complete knots, mostly because it's a car line I haven't done in years and barely remember with an account that was supposed to be easier than it's going to be. I know it'll come back and hopefully I don't take too long to get back up to speed before the dealer loses patience with me triple checking everything. Being mostly out of work for the past 3 months, coupled with mounting expenses (See above + Art School Daughter's massive tuition and now off-campus living expenses) the pressure to get back onto the money making train is intense. I'd had it too easy for too long. So by the end of the day, tense as a cat getting a bath, I was a wreck. 

Oh, and after nearly 6 hours at the hair salon, Sam finally got what I call her Art School Hair done. It turned out amazing!

So Saturday was a welcome escape, to the Renaissance Festival, with everyone in tow. It would be the last day I'd have both kids together for probably a very long time. Sam and I had fun with the temp tattoos together and it always amazes me how people think they're real. 

Our first stop is always the Dragon Imaginarium. 

The duel between good and evil. I have Dumbeldore's wand, Sam carries Voldemort's.

The Steak on a Stake crowd

We always try to catch Arsene's first show of the day!

during the show the rain moved in for the next hour, which kept things nice and cool.

My carnivore

watching the first joust show, The Tournament of Skill. The little boy in our section got presented with a sword from our winning knight.

Nick channeling King George. Over the summer, Sam has gotten us all hooked on Hamilton, so we all had to start singing "You'll Be Back"

Oceans rise, empires fall, 
We have seen each other through it all
And when push comes to shove, 
I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love

We stopped and had some lunch and then caught the Big (and Medium!) Cat Show

with our sign

and other signs

Athena winking at us

Frozen Cheesecake time

saw this gorgeous cape as we were heading out

We napped and had dinner and went to see Finding Dory at night before calling it a day. 

And, suddenly, this morning, it was sad again. 

and he's off again, this time for a real job. Having him live back at home for 6 months was such a gift, but it sure does make it hard to say goodbye again. 


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