Saturday, May 27, 2017


(don't worry, I'll keep her safe.)
Fisher is now completely deaf. She doesn't leave the deck now, but still enjoys getting in the sun. This was Friday just ahead of the sun cresting over the house and bathing the deck in radiant heat. She's hanging out in anticipation. Aidan's hanging out in anticipation of her curling up with him. One of them has a lot longer to wait.

This morning I woke just before 4:30 a.m. On a Saturday. 

Decided, instead of lying there willing myself back to sleep as the room got lighter, Aidan and I would get out into the early pre-dawn light and roam around. I remember our first month here, ten years ago, in June 2007 marveling at how early it started to get light here in the summer.

Here's what's happening in our neighborhood between 5 and 6 a.m. on a May Saturday:

bunny conventions, everywhere. 
here were actually two more just to the right of this photo, hiding under a car parked on the street.

one of the curb brigades

in our hour out and about we saw exactly one other person, near the end, jogging on a trail. 
Other than that, it was bunnies and birds.

We have discovered that Aidan is afraid of water. It makes getting him cleaned off quite the chore, especially since he took the 5 minutes unsupervised in the backyard where Bob left him to chew apart the kiddie pool. PetCo tried and called and said nope. So, that's on this afternoon's session with Sophia, Aidan's trainer, to discuss. He is quite interested in sitting outside the tub when we shower, but no amount of coaxing will convince him water is fun. Yet.

He comes down to check out the little waterfall and immediately turns back. 
Unlike Evan, who would've plopped right down in that running stream if I'd let him.

sun isn't quite up yet, but its impending light is turning everything purply

blooms everywhere are loving all the moisture we're getting

Aidan is starting to catch on with mom's photo taking stuff.


reminding you this Saturday morning to stop and smell the roses.

Or chase the bunnies. 

Whatever's your thing.


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