Sunday, May 21, 2017

Aidan, Week 4

So, looking over my lack of blogging this week, thanks to lots of playing catch-up at work, here's basically everything from my phone since I got back from Houston

Getting under the deck away from the heat:

playing with Juno at the dog park one morning

puppy sleeping

puppy sleeping video

Aidan meets the squirrel

Wednesday evening we went to the Verizon store to pick out new phones. The guy who set them up managed to screw up everyone's six ways from Sunday. Bob's line was routed to Sam, who wouldn't have a phone. His SIM card was so corrupted he had to take it back in. Only to find out the guy also set up MY phone number to route to Sam's new phone once she activated it. Bleh. But it all got sorted out and, yay! new phones!

Oh, and then this happened on Thursday

Friday we had our first round with the dog trainer, Sophia. Our main homework is using our marker word for all the good things he does (followed by a tiny treat). Aidan's word is "Bingo!"

Got a different kind of leash arriving Monday to help simulate the natural tug on his scruff like mama dog pulling her pup back into line. And a pet corrector that we'll start using on naughty behavior. More on that to come. 

Aidan watching dog videos on the youtubes

today, snow is completely gone and it's absolutely gorgeous

I got to have lunch with Marci and her family this afternoon, but managed not to get a single photo. 

Also picked up a new power recliner from someone here in the neighborhood for a song. Possibly pictures to follow. 

But mostly, just Aidan.


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