Monday, May 1, 2017

The Start of May

When last we left you, Saturday, it was still snowing. So we'd wear ourselves out in the snow and then come inside to warm up. 

Aidan is convinced he can win Faith over. He keeps trying.

By Sunday afternoon, the skies were that bright Colorado blue again. 

nope, I'm done.

He'll tucker out and then come right back with puppy energy.

By afternoon, snow was almost gone entirely from the backyard and we kept working on our fetch project. He will now chase it every time (tennis ball wrapped in a sock) but he's still not convinced he needs to bring it back. It's more fun to play chase. 

Aidan's left: black from the shoulder's to his tail

or tug

This morning, I finally took him to the dog park on the morning walk. As expected, Sadie and Reagan had arrived just ahead of us. At a glance, of course, it looked like I was finally returning after a month's absence with Evan. Reagan, the older dog, knew immediately and started barking at Aidan as we approached. (He never barked at Evan.) I walked him inside on the leash to introduce them and make sure the old man would accept this newcomer before I let Aidan run off leash. 

I explained that our last visit the month prior was indeed Evan's very last and Reagan and Sadie's mom was sad with me.  And everyone welcomed Aidan very nicely. It was bittersweet.

Aidan's right/white

He even has white swoop aroundhis right legt

yes, I know I'm handsome. Everybody tells me so.

Back inside . . . the mission continues. Keep watch on the street. 

and see how close I can get to Faith before she hisses.


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