Saturday, April 29, 2017

Return to the Dog Park

Today was the one month mark, at least in the 28 day/4 week cycle of Saturdays that I now mark at 3:30 every Saturday afternoon as the time Evan left me. 

It started snowing last night and has not stopped. 

At lunchtime today, we bundled up and, for the first time since my last walk with Evan on March 29, when I first saw something was wrong, I walked the route to the dog park, carrying Evan with me all the way. 

you can't see him, but Evan is there with us. 

There was another snow dog at the slushy park and so Aidan got his first taste of off-leash dog park fun in the snow. 

I had considered sending a token of Evan's ashes from my locket into the breeze, but with the others there, I wasn't ready. 

But Evan would have been so proud of Aidan. And so excited to be a part of the fun. 

I so wish. 

How I wish and ache for what can never be.


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